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Vastu shastra is a traditional Indian system of architecture originating in India. Texts from the Indian subcontinent describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. Vastu Shastras incorporate traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs
It is necessary to check the ashta-koota matching when the two people looking forward to marry are not known to each other. As part of kundli matching the compatibility of their nature, sexual abilities, attitudes and tendencies are matched in order to check if they are the right partners.
It may be Job or business. When this house makes a connection with 6th, 2nd and 11th then it gives a Job or Service. But, when this house connects with 7th 2nd and 11th devoid of 6th house, then it gives the ability & opportunities to do business.
When the birth sign of an individual is Mars or Saturn and Venus occupies the Lagna and the 7th house is afflicted then the wife of the individual leaves him. 3. Presence of sun in the 7th house under the malefic influence of weak 7th lord indicates divorce in marriage.
Analysis of horoscope can be done with a view to locate and determine educational potential and profession.
As per Vedic astrology the far the lagnesh is placed from 1st house the person goes to far destination ...
The most important place in the house is its entrance which should be east facing as this is known as auspicious direction. The north direction of the house should not be blocked as this is known for prosperity. Slop should be directed from south to north or from west to east direction.

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